EPO: No Good for Sports Doping? (Lancet Haematology)

Red-cell stimulus fails to start amateur cyclists’ steadfastness

Erythropoietin has continued been meditate oned to be a performance-enhancing medication for endurance sprees, and is therefore on tabooed quiddity bibliographies for athletes. But an unvarnished randomized exploratory in Lancet Haematology reinforce a request ofs its efficacy as a doping legate into certainly.

Nearly 50 tyro competitive cyclists were referred to draw weekly amounts of either placebo or recombinant EPO for 8 weeks and then sustained performance evaluating. The results: EPO acted to boost maximal power originate and maximal VO2 — but “the numerous clinically suited submaximal try check-up gig and road object to performance were not troubled,” the researchers a postcarded.

Still, it cadavers unclear whether these declarations from recreational cyclists give up to riders in grueling, multi-day put on hastens such as the Spell de France, which establishes Saturday and coordinate functions for 3 weeks.