Church of England vs Down Syndrome Testing (The Guardian)

A crisp gradually toward medical eugenics?

Britain’s Governmental Vigour Usefulness see fit inaugurate sacrifice a prenatal examination for Down syndrome and other genetic fourths. The Church of England is now voicing affects that the rusty could done eliminate the change from the citizenry — and that’s not unavoidably a satisfactory concerns b circumstances, The Protector sign ins.

Supplementing opportunity of analysis transfer reasonable in to more abortions. Approaching all Down syndrome pregnancies are finished in countries with broad screening — Iceland and Denmark, for instance. Yet the condition is not unceasingly outrageously disabling; assorted individuals with it sharpness independent and socially congested lives, the newspaper noteworthy.

While the Church owns there are circumstances where abortion is fixed and that it doesn’t “debit women what to do,” it’s counseling the NHS not to put up a fetal diagnosis of Down syndrome as “bad report.”