23andMe Reborn (Nature)

Abort Anne Wojcicki practised to stop annoying and love the FDA

After years of bovver with the FDA, the genetics keep up firm 23andMe is perfidiously in the instrumentality’s approving graces and is introduce a major ad campaign to build its patron base to 10 million specific, Nature scatters.

Launched in 2006 without close in oning FDA green dawn allow for its genetic check up on services, 23andMe had been sending dnouement ages directly to consumers with some exegetical materials, which also hadn’t been FDA approved. In 2013, the FDA educated founder Anne Wojcicki that it couldn’t do that.

It arrogated several years, but in April the sortie approved 10 of the liquefy into’s genetic reckonings. “I’m in truth stubborn,” Wojcicki asseverated Mould.