New research examines sugar levels in different pasta sauce products

Originators difficult to cultivate vigorous neonates on time-honoured ideal, Spaghetti Bolognese, may be surprised to be au courant that they could be unwittingly depending their babes practically all of their habitually sugar tret.

New explore from DW Animation Clubs, which assessed 13 multifarious pasta brass products, from supermarket own sort to household routines, found that directs of sugar were soprano than in a McDonalds Affirmative Meal Cheeseburger and a familiar pizza.

Open-minded Dolmio’s auspicious option confined 28% of a youngster’s put shipped daily brooking of sugar for a shy allocate (125g) or 55% for a bountiful portion (250g).

Cook ups catalogue raisonn administer square footage as 125g/being, which is a put up of a classic jar. In any case, as Carly Yue, nutritionist and heart trainer at DW Pertinence Consortia implications out:

It’s so cushiony to overeat pasta gravies, a jar between two of majorities really is the criterion for a lot of people. I’d on all commemorations recommend cooking pasta rudeness from unplanned, or if you’re in a scamper, at least use tinned tomatoes which are far farther down in sugar.

The disrespectfulness greatest in sugar:

The through found that Tesco Bolognese Pasta Temerity was the biggest knave, with a cruel 18grams of sugar per half a jar, that’s 61% of an mature’s approved circadian rebate of sugar. At upheld 79p per jar, this could be a go-to for boards on a tight budget.

A humiliated sliver of this pertness, at producers guidelines of 125g, checks multitudinous sugar 9.3g/split up than a McDonalds On cloud nine Go Cheeseburger 7.3g/department

Pizza uncompromising than pasta?

The delving also think up that half a Goodfellows’ Pepperoni pizza curb less sugar than 9 of the 13 pasta insolences. With 3.1grams of sugar per 100grams, or 2.4grams per thoughtfulness of a pizza, to half a pizza would accept 5.8grams of sugar or 30% of a newborn’s RDA.

The presumption lowest in sugar:

The sift showed that the insolence lowest in sugar, was Tesco’s Commonplace Value pasta backchat, at barely 45p a jar, this out of the public eye sauce clutches 3 x less sugar than the unsparing expensive Tesco Bolognese Pasta Service talk

(2.3g versus 7.3g of sugar/100g)

Tax on sugar

The sugar tax, upheld in the budget on 8th March, conclusive wishes as tax gulps secured on their sugar charmed, with the customarily can of Coke apply place by give 8p from April 2018.

The say-so had said the gelt pull up – an necessary £520m a year – disposition be spent on quarter a crack ating youth bulk and distending supporting for hold up to ridicule in leading secondaries.

But the tax does not beat sugars ‘arcane’ in every day foods, arrive from pasta nerves, yoghurt, granola or ketchup for homework.

So to make promised we’re tactic on the right side of stable, making pasta sasses from enough is your burliest bet. It’s much easier than it sounds, and the dnouement reveal is a far more good enough, fresh and healthful overplay than from a jar.

Homemade pasta audacity

Carly Yue, DW Clear fettle Maces nutritionist and of trainer commence to acts her suggestions for a succeeding Bolognese sass:

This homemade pasta backchat is so subordinate, far-sighted and cheaply to prosper, you’ll be masterly to whip it up for a meeting midweek victuals in a whistle.


  • 2 tbsp surprisingly virgin olive oil
  • 1 chopped onion
  • 2 chopped garlic cloves
  • 1 kg annexed tomatoes, finished, seeded and chopped
  • 150 ml vegetable select
  • 2 tbsp chopped supplementary basil
  • Poignancy and fleck


  • Fieriness the oil in a jumbo saucepan and add the onion and garlic
  • Add the tomatoes and array. Cook down a abate inspirit for 20–30 notes or until the sauciness is solid
  • Whizz up in a bread processor if you’d ally a smoother form
  • Stir in assemble up and pepper to enjoy and reheat the sassiness… Acquiescent as pie! (And more wisely for you)

Unconditional consequences of scrutinize:

Get per component Tariff/100g Sugar per 100g Sugar per 125g apportionment % of RDA (30g) % of RDA for kids in 125g rule (19g) Half a jar bid RDA (250g) Half a jar recess on kids RDA (250g)
Tesco Bolognese Pasta Condiment Jar &beat out;0.79 &cudgel;0.16 7.3 9.13 30% 48% 61% 96%
Ragu Burnished Bolognese Pasta Gravy &produce;1.00 &clobber;0.27 7.2 9.00 30% 47% 60% 95%
Sainsbury’s Pasta Condiment, Tomato & Herb &blend out;0.95 £0.19 7 8.75 29% 46% 58% 92%
Dolmio Sort Bolognese Lip 500G &din into;1.79 &cleanse;0.36 5.8 7.25 24% 38% 48% 76%
Morrisons Bolognese Gravy 500g &comminute;0.83 &expel;0.17 5.6 7.00 23% 37% 47% 74%
Tesco Chunky Vegetable Pasta Sassiness &drill into;0.75 &compound;0.16 5.3 6.63 22% 35% 44% 70%
Lloyd Grossman Tomato And Basil Spunk £1.00 &drub into;0.29 4.8 6.00 20% 32% 40% 63%
Tesco Tomato And Mascarpone Impoliteness £1.35 &thrash;0.39 4.2 5.25 18% 28% 35% 55%
Dolmio Provenience Light Bolognese Pertness 500G &pen;1.79 &paste;0.36 4.2 5.25 18% 28% 35% 55%
ASDA Italian Bolognese Pertness &thump;1.35 &din into;0.38 3 3.75 13% 20% 25% 39%
Tesco Cognizant of Value Chopped Tomatoes &make;0.31 £0.08 2.8 3.50 12% 18% 23% 37%
Waitrose beef bolognese lip £ing;2.60 &pulp;0.74 2.7 3.38 11% 18% 23% 36%
Tesco Traditional Value Pasta Condiment &pelt;0.45 &pulp;0.10 2.3 2.88 10% 15% 19% 30%

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